The Stono Institute for Freedom, Justice and Security (SIFJS) is the first human rights institution and think tank founded by African-Americans aimed at combating existential threats—domestic and international—to Black life and liberty including, but not limited to, systematic and structural racial discrimination, violent white extremism and deadly police violence and it’s antecedents. In this context, we will continue the rich African-American tradition of lawful and robust non-violent direct action approaches to disrupt, degrade and dismantle said threats and serve as a conduit for the legitimate calls for change of Generation X, Millennial’s and all Americans.

SIFJS is named in honor of the enslaved African freedom fighters that conducted the Stono River Rebellion of 1739 against British authorities and slavocrats in colonial South Carolina. The Stono Rebellion was arguably America’s first human rights rebellion and was led by an enslaved Angolan warrior named “Jemmy.” It was the largest and most successful “slave revolt” against British slavery and domination. It resulted in a ten year moratorium on the international slave trade into South Carolina and helped set the stage for the American Revolution (1775-1783). The site where the Stono Rebellion began was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974.

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The U.S. government has demonstrated that it is unwilling and unable to protect African-Americans from deadly police violence and violent white extremism nor deliver justice when we are viciously massacred. George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery were murdered by deadly police violence and violent white extremist vigilantism, respectively. Thousands of African-American men and women, particularly youth, have been mercilessly killed by police and armed white bands.

We invite and encourage all persons to sign The Black American Oath irrespective their race, ethnicity, color, sex or national origin.

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  • Black Veterans Reintegration Support Program
  • Black Citizenship Initiative



  • Human Rights Advocacy Program
  • Black-Blue Conflict Des-escalation Program



  • Anti-Black Hate and Violent White Extremism Project
  • Gun Rights, Safety and Education Program



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