Ebony Queens Youth Empowerment Workshop

Program Description

The Ebony Queens Youth Empowerment Workshop forms a part of our Black Citizenship Initiative and aims to cultivate a new generation of Black female youth change leaders by introducing them to the rich African and African-American traditions of patriotism, racial justice, women’s rights, self-determination, entrepreneurship, and community organization. We will inspire, develop, and empower Black female youth to become transformative leaders without compromising their race and gender.

The Ebony Queens Youth Empowerment Workshop is a 3-day program offered annually during the second week in November (November 12-14, 2021). It is designed for Black female youth ages 13-18 years old from local communities in Orlando and beyond. It is intellectually and pragmatically anchored in African-American and African political, historical, economic, social and cultures mores and traditions, and focuses on issues from faith, Hip Hop culture, racial justice, and social relationships, to modern culture, professionalism, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. In addition, all participants will receive de-escalation and self-defense training. The workshop will revolve around pre-assigned readings or other digital learning content, feature guest speakers and incorporate group dialogue and learning.

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